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Hammerhead: Scopidae

Hammerheads And People

There are many superstitions, myths, and legends about hammerheads. Some Africans tell stories about how the birds have magical powers to bring bad luck to people. Some say that hammerheads can tell who will be the next person to die just by looking at the person's reflection in the water. When the bird spots the unlucky person, it supposedly calls out three warning cries over the person's home, and then the person dies. Another belief is that something bad will happen to people if hammerheads fly over them. It is also said that a hammerhead can cause a house to melt or be struck by lightning, and that it can cause cattle to become sick. One story says that if a pregnant woman imitates the sound of a hammerhead, her baby will cry continuously with the same sound.

When hammerheads are feeding, sometimes they stop eating and skip around each other, opening and closing their wings and uttering a weird cry. These antics remind people of wicked witches chanting spells. Because of all these legends, people have given hammerheads great respect and have tried to stay away from them.

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