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Darters Perches and Relatives: Percoidei

Common Dolphinfish (coryphaena Hippurus): Species Accounts

Physical characteristics: Common dolphinfish are about 83 inches (2 meters) long. Males have a high, block-like forehead, but females have a rounded forehead. The dorsal fin extends from head to tail. The anal fin extends from the center of the body to the tail. The tail fin is deeply forked. Dolphinfish are brilliant metallic green and blue on the back and upper sides, gold on the lower sides, and yellow and white on the belly.

Geographic range: Common dolphinfish live in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans.

Habitat: Common dolphinfish live in open water near the surface but sometimes go near shore to look for food.

Diet: Common dolphinfish mainly eat smaller fish and squid.

Behavior and reproduction: Common dolphinfish form traveling schools. They are attracted to boats and floating objects. These fish Common dolphinfish males have a high, block-like forehead, but females have a rounded forehead. (A. Kerstitch/Bruce Coleman, Inc. Reporduced by permission.) can reproduce when they are only four to five months old. They release free-floating eggs in open water, and the eggs hatch in about thirty-six hours. Common dolphinfish live for about five years.

Dolphinfish and people: Common dolphinfish are highly prized for food and sport. They can cause ciguatera (see-gwuh-TEHR-uh), a form of food poisoning.

Conservation status: Common dolphinfish are not threatened or endangered. ∎

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