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Darters Perches and Relatives: Percoidei

Golden Perch (macquaria Ambigua): Species Accounts

Physical characteristics: Golden perch reach a length of 30 inches (75 centimeters) and a weight of 53 pounds (24 kilograms), but most are smaller. They are olive green, bronze, or brownish and have a yellow belly. The body is somewhat broad from back to belly and narrow from side to side. The pelvic fins have long strings.

Geographic range: Golden perch live in Australia.

Habitat: Golden perch live near fallen or submerged trees, overhanging banks, and rocky ledges in muddy, slow-flowing rivers and clear, fast-flowing rivers.

Golden perch live near fallen or submerged trees, overhanging banks, and rocky ledges. (Illustration by Marguette Dongvillo. Reproduced by permission)

Diet: Golden perch eat crustaceans, mollusks, and fish. Mollusks (MAH-lusks) are animals with a soft, unsegmented body that may or may not have a shell.

Behavior and reproduction: Golden perch live alone. Females can reproduce when they are four years old, males when they are two years old. Golden perch travel more than 1,200 miles (2,000 kilometers) to reach their spawning grounds. Eggs float after spawning and hatch in a little more than a day. The larvae drift downstream.

Golden perch and people: Golden perch are mainly game fish.

Conservation status: Golden perch are not threatened or endangered.

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