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Anaspidaceans: Anaspidacea - Anaspidaceans And People

species considered animals trout

Anaspidaceans and bathynellaceans are considered to be very primitive relatives of krill, crabs, shrimps, lobsters, and crayfish. Studying them may reveal how these animals have evolved, or gradually changed to survive in their environment, over millions of years.


Water pollution is not the only threat to aquatic animals in Australia. Like all native freshwater crustaceans, anaspidaceans evolved in the absence of trout. Australian colonists introduced these fish from Europe. Without natural defenses against trout, anaspidaceans can only survive in isolated branches of streams and rivers that are out of reach from these hungry predators. Four species of anaspidaceans are listed as Vulnerable, but more species may be considered as scientists learn more about them.

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