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Anaspidaceans: Anaspidacea - No Common Name (anaspides Tasmaniae): Species Account

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Physical characteristics: The body of this species is long, and the eyes are on stalks. The thoracic and abdominal segments are similar in length. The pleopods are long and leglike. The telson and uropods form a fanlike tail.

Geographic range: This species is found only in Tasmania, Australia.

Habitat: Anaspides tasmaniae live in freshwater streams and shallow pools.

Diet: They feed on both plant and animal tissues.

Behavior and reproduction: This species searches constantly for food, chewing on large pieces of plants or scraping the surfaces of pebbles with its mouth. They will also scavenge the bodies of small, Anaspides tasmaniae searches constantly for food, chewing on large pieces of plants or scraping the surfaces of pebbles with its mouth. (Illustration by Michelle Meneghini. Reproduced by permission.) dead animals. They walk by using both thoracic and abdominal appendages. To avoid danger, they will snap their body trunk and jump straight up.

Mating has not been observed. Eggs are laid on plants or bark under water. The young hatch as juveniles with fewer appendages than adults.

Anaspides tasmaniae and people: Anaspides tasmaniae are of interest to scientists studying crustacean evolution.

Conservation status: This species is not considered endangered or threatened. ∎



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