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Entoprocts: Entoprocta - Behavior And Reproduction, Marine Colonial Entoproct (barentsia Discreta): Species Account - PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS, GEOGRAPHIC RANGE, HABITAT, DIET, ENTOPROCTS AND PEOPLE, CONSERVATION STATUS

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Entoprocts are tiny bottom-dwelling animals that have a crown of tentacles and a thin stalk. Both the mouth and anus (AY-nuhs) open inside the crown. Some entoprocts live in colonies and are attached to one another by a branch at the base of their stalks.

Entoprocts live all over the world.

Most entoprocts live at the bottom of warm, moderate, and cold seas from the shore to deep water. One species lives in freshwater. Colonies live on rocks, shell remains, human-made objects such as dock pilings, and sometimes on other animals. Most species not in colonies live on the bodies of animals such as sponges.

Entoprocts eat drifting microscopic plant particles.

Entoprocts have no known importance to humans.

Entoprocts are not considered threatened or endangered.

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