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Thorny-Headed Worms: Acanthocephala - Physical Characteristics, Behavior And Reproduction, Thorny-headed Worms And People, No Common Name (moniliformis Moniliformis): Species Accounts - GEOGRAPHIC RANGE, HABITAT, DIET, CONSERVATION STATUS

live intestines

NO COMMON NAME (Moniliformis moniliformis): SPECIES ACCOUNTS
GIANT THORNY-HEADED WORM (Macracanthorhynchus hirudinaceus): SPECIES ACCOUNTS

Thorny-headed worms live all over the world.

Adult thorny-headed worms live in the intestines of mammals, birds, fishes, amphibians, and reptiles. Larvae live in crustaceans and insects.

Thorny-headed worms absorb nutrients from their hosts' intestines.

Thorny-headed worms are not considered threatened or endangered.

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