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African Mole-Rats: Bathyergidae

Physical Characteristics

African mole-rats are small to medium-sized rodents with streamlined bodies 3.2 to 11.0 inches (83 to 281 millimeters) in length and with a weight of 1.2 to 31.0 ounces (34 to 896 grams). African mole-rats bodies are covered in hair that is thick and short, except for one species. They have robust heads, small eyes, very small ears, and flattened pig-like noses. The stiff hairs are thicker on the front of the face and around the eyes. Their necks are muscular so there is not much change in size from their head to body and their limbs are short giving their bodies an overall cylindrical appearance. On the outer edges of their hind feet and on their short tail they also have stiff hairs, except for one species. They also have stiff hairs that are used for touching that are scattered all over their bodies. Under their loose skin they have long, strong muscles. The African mole-rats have large, ever growing, white incisors, sharp-edged teeth which are flat, in the front of the mouth used for cutting and tearing food.

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