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African Mole-Rats: Bathyergidae - Physical Characteristics, Habitat, Behavior And Reproduction, Damaraland Mole-rat (cryptomys Damarensis): Species Accounts - GEOGRAPHIC RANGE, DIET, AFRICAN MOLE-RATS AND PEOPLE, CONSERVATION STATUS

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NAKED MOLE-RAT (Heterocephalus glaber): SPECIES ACCOUNTS

African mole-rats are found in sub-Saharan Africa.

They eat bulbs, tubers, and corms, the underground stem base of plants such as the crocus or gladiolus. Food is either eaten when it is found or brought back to a central storage area near the nest. Large food sources are often left to grow, and eaten on from time to time.

African mole-rats are considered pests in farmlands and in urban developments. Their burrows often damage roads, airport runways, and other such structures. They can also chew through underground cables, irrigation pipes, and other human-made objects.

One species of African mole-rat is listed as Vulnerable, facing a high risk of extinction in the wild, and six species are listed as Data Deficient, meaning there is not enough information available to decide their status.

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over 4 years ago

I have great interest in the study of Mole rats. I have some pictures of Cryptomys zechi (Ghana Mole rat)which are not very well known due to little work done on this animal. How can I present these pictures to you?

Will you be interested in collaborative work in the study of Ghana Mole rat?