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Gundis: Ctenodactylidae


Gundis live in rocky hills, cliffs, and mountains in deserts, sub-deserts, or on the edges of deserts. The rocks that make up their habitat can be of any age, but they cannot be extremely large. Gundis may even be found housed in building sites. Within these living areas, gundis find fissures (long, deep, and narrow openings or cracks), crevices, and caves to use for permanent or temporary shelter. They find ledges, flat rocks, and boulder tops to use for sunbathing. They prefer to live in areas where they can get exposure to the morning, as well as the evening sun. Gundis do not have adaptations for water conservation or temperature control, so they take advantage of the shade and wind in the areas where they live. This helps them to cool off during hot afternoons in the desert.

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