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Peccaries: Tayassuidae

Physical Characteristics

Peccaries (PECK-ar-eez) weigh 30.9 to 110.3 pounds (14 to 50 kilograms), depending on the species, and are 20 to 24 inches (50.8 to 61 centimeters) tall. The body is similar to that of a pig, but the legs are longer and slimmer. Peccaries' coats are bristly and short but get longer from the midsection to the hindquarters. There is a scent gland located near the base of the tail that emits a musky smell. The snout is well developed. Peccaries have canines (the cone-shaped side teeth found in the front part of the mouth on both jaws). They have numerous stomachs, which enhance digestion, but do not have a gallbladder (a muscular organ attached to the liver used to store bile, which aids digestion).

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