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Moustached Bats: Mormoopidae

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Moustached bats are found from the southern United States, including Arizona and southern Texas, through to Mexico, Central America, and South America to Brazil, and much of the West Indies.

These bats generally live in tropical (hot and humid) habitats below 10,000 feet (3,000 meters). They live in the rainforest, forest, and in open areas. They generally roost in caves, mines, tunnels, and the hollows of trees. Some of these bats have been found in houses.

Moustached bats feed on a wide range of insects, including flies, beetles, moths, and mosquitoes.

These bats can eat large numbers of nocturnal insects, including many that are harmful to crops and ones that are considered pests, such as mosquitoes. Humans are causing the loss of population among some species of these bats by destroying their habitat.

The IUCN lists two species as Near Threatened, meaning they are not currently threatened, but could become so. MacLeay's moustached bat is listed as Vulnerable, meaning it faces a high risk of extinction.

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