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Moustached Bats: Mormoopidae - Physical Characteristics

family species naked skin

Moustached bats are named for their moustache-like distinctive feature. Above their upper lip, they have tufts of stiff hair. Their lips are large, with flaps and folds of skin on the bottom. When their mouth is open it appears to form a funnel. There are three common names for species in this family: moustached bats, ghost-faced bats, and naked-backed bats.

These bats are relatively small to medium size. The size of these bats' forearms range in length from approximately 1.4 inches (3.6 centimeters) to 2.6 inches (6.6 centimeters).

Moustached bats have a small bump on their nose and their eyes are relatively small. All bats in this family have a tail. Ears vary in size and shape but always have a tragus (TRAY-gus), meaning a flap of skin at the bottom of the external ear. In some species, the wings connect to the body at a point high along the middle of the back, making the surface of the back appear naked. These bats are commonly referred to as naked-backed bats. Ghost-faced bats can be easily identified by the folds of skin that reach from ear to ear, across the chin.

The fur of moustached bats can be gray, bright orange, brown, or reddish brown. Within species, individuals can vary widely in color. The fur color of some species in this family may change in different seasons. Fur in this family is short, fine, and thick.

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