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Australasian Carnivorous Marsupials: Dasyuromorphia


Australasian carnivorous marsupials live in many different habitats, from the tropical rainforest to the desert. Each species has adaptations that allow it to live in its own particular environment. For example, the numbat has claws that are good for scratching at the dirt and digging out termites in the forest where it lives. The spotted-tail quoll has special ridges on the bottoms of its paws and sharp claws that help it climb large trees.

Many of the Australasian carnivorous marsupials live in habitats where it can become very hot or very cold. Different species have different ways of protecting themselves from these extreme temperatures. Some species such as the numbat dig burrows underground that they line with dead leaves and other plant parts for insulation. Other species are able to reduce their body temperatures on purpose. This is called torpor, and it reduces the amount of energy an animal needs to live when it gets too cold or is exposed to other environmental stresses, such as too little food.

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