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Snakeflies: Raphidioptera

Physical Characteristics, Geographic Range, Behavior And Reproduction, Schummel's Inocelliid Snakefly (inocellia Crassicornis): Species AccountHABITAT, DIET, SNAKEFLIES AND PEOPLE, CONSERVATION STATUS


Snakeflies prefer habitats where there is a winter period and lots of woody shrubs. They are found from sea level up to more than 9,840 feet (3,000 meters). Adults are found resting on vegetation. The larvae live under the bark of trees or shrubs or in the top layer of soil. The larvae of a few species are found in rock crevices.

Both larval and adult snakeflies eat soft-bodied insects and spiders. Some adults are known to eat pollen.

Images of snakeflies were carved on wood blocks that were then used to print their likenesses as illustrations in books as early as the seventeenth century. However, scientists did not begin to study them until 1735.

No snakeflies are listed as endangered or threatened. Many species might be threatened by extinction someday due to habitat destruction. This is because they are found only in very small geographic areas.

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