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Shovel-Nosed Frogs: Hemisotidae

Physical Characteristics, Geographic Range, Behavior And Reproduction, Conservation Status, Marbled Snout-burrower (hemisus Sudanensis): Species AccountHABITAT, DIET, SHOVEL-NOSED FROGS AND PEOPLE


Shovel-nosed frogs live underground in dry, grassy areas. During the wet season, however, the rains fill the land with small, deep pools of water, and the frogs come out to feed and to mate. They lay their eggs underground, but the tadpoles move into these pools of water or in other small ponds that remain filled with water all year and develop there. Shovel-nosed frogs may live in lowland areas or in places as high as 5,900 feet (1,800 meters) above sea level.

These frogs search for food during the rainy season. At night, they may look about on land for insects. They are also good diggers and put this talent to use when finding a meal. They tunnel along just a few inches below the surface and seek out termites and earthworms there.

People rarely see this frog, which remains underground much of the year.

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