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Shovel-Nosed Frogs: Hemisotidae - Geographic Range

africa live snout burrower

Shovel-nosed frogs live in central and southern Africa, a region known as Sub-Saharan Africa. In particular, the frogs make their homes in a stretch of land from the west coast of central Africa across to Ethiopia in the east, down the east coast, and back across to the west side of the continent around Angola. Some, like the marbled snout-burrower and Guinea snout-burrower, live over a very large area, including many countries in Africa. Others live in very small areas. In 2002, a new species was found in western Zambia, which is in southern Africa, but nowhere else. The Ethiopian snout-burrower, which is also known as the Lake Zwai snout-burrower, is only known to live in parts of Ethiopia.

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