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Jellyfish: Scyphozoa

Jellyfish And People

All jellyfish sting, but the stings of small animals and those with short tentacles often are not painful to humans. Jellyfish can be a nuisance to people who catch or farm fish and sell it for food. Besides damaging the fish caught in nets, large masses of jellyfish tear the nets. Jellyfish break up on the enclosures of fish farms and sting and kill the fish. Jellyfish are also an important food in Japan and China, and fishing for cannonball jellyfish has started in the Gulf of Mexico.


In some parts of the world the swimming bell of jellyfish is processed in a mixture of salt and a preservative and packaged. The semidried jellyfish is rehydrated, desalted, boiled briefly, and served in a variety of dishes. The prepared jellyfish has a special crunchy texture.

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