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waterfowl found tropical plant

Screamers are found only in South America, whereas ducks, geese, and swans are found throughout the world except in the Arctic region.

Waterfowl and screamers can be found in virtually any wetland as long as there is sufficient food available. Screamers inhabit tropical and subtropical wetlands such as marshes, swamps, and lagoons. They also are found on savannas, a tropical plant environment made up of shrubs, trees, and grasses, and the flood plains of tropical forests. Some waterfowl are found in saltwater environments outside of breeding season.

The herbivorous, plant-eating, screamer and waterfowl eat mostly leaves, flowers, and seeds of aquatic vegetation. They also small fish, insects, and plankton.

Humans hunt waterfowl as a food source, and waterfowl are domesticated for their eggs, liver, and meat. Eiders are raised for their feathers, which are used in comforters, sleeping bags, and pillows.

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