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Frogs and Toads - Geographic Range

live cold survive dry

Frogs live in North, Central, and South America, in Europe and Asia, in Africa, and in Australia. They do not live in extremely cold areas, such as the Arctic, or on many of the islands out in the ocean. The largest number of frog species is in hot and humid tropical areas, but some make their homes in places that have all four seasons, including a cold winter. Frogs usually stay out of very dry areas, but the water-holding frog and a few others are able to survive in dry grasslands and even deserts. The majority of frogs live in valleys, lowlands, or only partway up the sides of mountains. Some, however, survive quite well high above the ground. The Pakistani toad is perhaps the highest-living frog. It makes its mountain home at 16,971 feet (5,238 meters) above sea level in the Himalayas.

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