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Spade-Headed Wormlizards: Trogonophidae - Physical Characteristics, Diet, Behavior And Reproduction, No Common Name (agamodon Anguliceps): Species Account - GEOGRAPHIC RANGE, HABITAT, SPADE-HEADED WORM LIZARDS AND PEOPLE, CONSERVATION STATUS

loose east somalia loamy


They live in northern Africa, in eastern Somalia, and in the Middle East from western Iran to the island of Socotra, which lies east of Somalia and south of Saudi Arabia.

Spade-headed wormlizards tunnel in loose soils, which may be sandy or loamy. A loamy soil is one that is not quite as grainy as sand but still is quite loose.

Although people rarely see these wormlizards, they may be helpful to people because they eat pest insects such as ants and termites that might damage the wood in buildings or cause other problems for people.

These species are not considered endangered or threatened, but scientists know little about them in the wild.

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