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Snapping Turtles: Chelydridae - Snapping Turtles And People

besides fishes worm humans

Although snapping turtles are not especially friendly, they are of little threat to humans who do not bother them. Humans hunt the turtles for food and occasionally for the pet trade.


Besides being the biggest member of the snapping turtle family, the alligator snapping turtle has another interesting feature. It uses a bit of flesh on its tongue to draw in hungry fishes. This "lure" not only looks like a pink worm but also wiggles like a worm. When a fish approaches to nab an easy lunch, the turtle quickly lashes out and clamps its strong jaws around the unsuspecting fish. Besides fishes, this turtle's diet includes snails, clams, plant roots, other turtles, birds, and even small alligators.

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