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Feather-Tailed Possums: Acrobatidae - Behavior And Reproduction

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Both the pygmy glider and the feather-tailed possum are nocturnal, which means they are active mainly at night. They have flexible prehensile tails that allow them to grab hold of branches. Feather-tailed possums usually live alone or in pairs, but pygmy gliders often live in groups and make nests out of dry leaves in branches or hollows in trees.

Feather-tailed possums have one or two offspring at a time, while pygmy gliders usually have three or four offspring. They both give birth to young that are underdeveloped and spend time in the pouch while they grow and mature. After they leave the pouch, the young spend time in the nest before being weaned, no longer dependent on their mother's milk, and are ready to fend for themselves.

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