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Wallabies and Kangaroos: Macropodidae - Red Kangaroo (macropus Rufus): Species Accounts

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Physical characteristics: Red kangaroos have fur that is reddish brown to blue-gray on most of their body, while their fur is white underneath. Red kangaroos have a head and body length that varies from 29 to 55 inches (74 to 140 centimeters). Their tail length is 25 to 39 inches (64 to 100 centimeters). Their weight varies between 37 and 187 pounds (17 to 85 kilograms). These are the largest kangaroos living today.

Geographic range: Most of Australia, except the coastal regions.

The male red kangaroo (on the right) has a rich red color, while the female red kangaroo (on the left) is smaller and less colorful. The males are called "boomers" and the females "blue flyers." (© Wayne Lawler/Photo Researchers, Inc. Reproduced by permission.)

Habitat: Red kangaroos live in grasslands, open woodlands, and open forests.

Diet: Red kangaroos are herbivores. They eat grass and the leaves of shrubs and other plants.

Behavior and reproduction: Red kangaroos are pregnant for 33 days before giving birth. The young live in the pouch for 235 days.

Red kangaroos and people: Red kangaroos are hunted for their skins and meat in some places in Australia. The red kangaroo also has important cultural significance for native Australians, in whose traditional dreamtime stories they often play large parts.

Conservation status: Red kangaroos are not considered threatened. They have benefited from clearing of land for livestock grazing and are one of the few native Australian animals to have increased their population since the coming of European settlers. ∎

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