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Wallabies and Kangaroos: Macropodidae - Eastern Gray Kangaroo (macropus Giganteus): Species Accounts

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Physical characteristics: Eastern gray kangaroos have a head and body length that ranges from 38 to 91 inches (97 to 231 centimeters). Their tails range in length from 18 to 43 inches (46 to 109 centimeters). They weigh from 8 to 146 pounds (4 to 66 kilograms). Eastern gray kangaroos have the characteristic body shape of all kangaroos with strong hind legs and large back feet. They have grayish brown fur that is paler on their bellies. Unlike other kangaroos, they have hairy snouts.

Geographic range: The eastern gray kangaroo lives in eastern Australia and in eastern Tasmania.

Eastern gray kangaroos may gather in large social groups, called "mobs." (© Bill Bachman/Photo Researchers, Inc. Reproduced by permission.)

Habitat: The eastern gray kangaroo lives mainly in grassy woodlands, open grasslands, and forest.

Diet: The eastern gray kangaroo eats mainly grasses.

Behavior and reproduction: The eastern gray kangaroo is diurnal. It usually grazes during the early morning and late afternoon when temperatures are lower. Pregnancy usually lasts for thirty-six days, and the young stay in the pouch for 320 days.

Eastern gray kangaroos and people: It is thought that native Australians probably hunted the eastern gray kangaroo for food. Today, it is illegally hunted for skins and meat.

Conservation status: The eastern gray kangaroo is considered Near Threatened. This classification means that this kangaroo is not currently threatened, but could become threatened. This kangaroo has been affected by illegal hunting for its skins and meat, as well as the destruction of its habitat for agriculture. ∎

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