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Krill: Euphausiacea - Krill And People

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Krill are fished commercially and are used as feed for fish, especially on farms that raise salmon and yellowtail tuna. In Japan and other parts of the world, the protein-rich bodies of krill are processed and added to foods for human consumption.


Blue whales measure up to 100 feet (meters) in length and weigh in at 300,000 pounds (136,080 kilograms). Hungry whales swim through swarms of krill, which are only one one-thousandth of their size, with mouths and throats wide open, swallowing as much as 50 tons (45.36 metric tons) of water in one gulp. The krill are screened out by comblike plates and swallowed. Blue whales may eat 3 to 4 tons (2.72 to 3.63 metric tons), or 40,000,000 krill every day.

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