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Leeches: Hirudinea - Leeches And People

blood clots restore veins

Leeches were used in the 1700s and 1800s to treat all kinds of ailments, from headaches to being overweight. It was highly unlikely that any of these uses was successful. Today, leeches are used to treat tiny blood clots that form after surgery. The anti-clotting properties of their saliva may also be useful for treating heart disease, possibly even cancer. Aquatic leeches are used to measure environmental health because they are sensitive to heavy metal pollution and low oxygen content in freshwater habitats.


Doctors use farm-raised leeches for several kinds of medical treatments. They are used to remove pools of thickened blood under the skin grafts of burn patients. A hungry leech can restore the circulation in clogged veins by sucking out blood clots. They are especially useful for improving the circulation in reattached body parts, such as fingers and ears, by helping to restore blood flow through reconnected veins.

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almost 6 years ago

The Bo's leeches are very bad it sings people blood out of their hands