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Anemones and Corals: Anthozoa - Anemones, Corals, And People

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Coral reefs are a major tourist destination and source of recreation. Corals provide a habitat for a variety of animals that humans use for food, such as fish, clams, and crabs. Anemones and corals are sold for home aquariums, and coral skeletons are used to make jewelry. Coral skeletons are used as building material and in bone grafts, because the structure of the coral skeleton is similar to that of human bone. Some corals produce compounds that have been harvested to make drugs for treating cancer.


Clownfish live with giant sea anemones in coral reefs. The anemone eats prey it paralyzes with poisonous stingers discharged from its tentacles. Clownfish are immune to the stingers and can nestle among the tentacles without harm. The bright colors and markings of the clownfish attract larger fish to the anemone. If they come too close, the larger fish are stung by the tentacles and eaten by the anemone. The clownfish shares in the meal.

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