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Logrunners and Chowchillas: Orthonychidae - Physical Characteristics, Geographic Range, Behavior And Reproduction, Logrunners, Chowchillas, And People, Conservation Status - HABITAT, DIET

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Logrunners and chowchillas live on the litter-strewn floor of dense rainforests and wet sclerophyll (SKLARE-uh-fill) forests. Sclerophyll forests have plants with hard leaves that have adapted, changed, to low levels of phosphorous, a chemical that encourages plant growth. Logrunners and chowchillas will move into nearby vegetation if it is dense enough. These adjacent territories may include non-native plants have been introduced into the wild.

Logrunners and chowchillas eat adult insects, larvae (LAR-vee), the newly hatched form of insects, and worms. Sometimes they also forage for berries.

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