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False Sunbirds and Asities: Philepittidae


Asities inhabit lowland (sea level), mid-altitude and high altitude tropical primary (original) and secondary (regrown) rainforest, and higher altitude scrub forest (forest with low trees and shrubs). All four species are common and in some areas, plentiful, but since they spend much time in the upper reaches of forests, and because of their small size, asities are difficult to spot and observe.

The velvet asity inhabits most of the east coast of Madagascar, in tropical primary and secondary rain forest from sea level to 5,700 feet (1,900 meters) above sea level. Schlegel's asity lives in tropical deciduous forest in northwestern and western Madagascar. The common sunbird asity lives in the mountainous tropical rainforest belt along most of the east coast, between 1,200 and 4,350 feet (400 to 1,450 meters) above sea level. The yellow-bellied sunbird asity lives in mossy mountain scrub forest that fringes the east coast forest belt between 3,630 and 5,970 feet (1,210 and 1,990 meters) of altitude.

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