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Woodhoopoes: Phoeniculidae

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Woodhoopoes range throughout sub-Saharan Africa, with a small number of birds in northeast Africa. They are one of the few bird families that are confined to Africa.

Woodhoopoes live in rainforests, forests, woodland, savannas (flat grassland), thornbush country, and arid steppes (dry plains that are often grass-covered) that contain adequate amounts of scattered trees. They avoid treeless areas, and only two species occur in the more northern areas of tropical forests. Woodhoopoes require areas that are heavily forested in order to roost and nest in tree holes, and to use its bark and twigs to hide their food.

Woodhoopoes have no known significant importance to humans.

Woodhoopoes are not threatened. In some areas, woodhoopoes have been reduced by the collection of timber for fuel and building material.

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