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Todies: Todidae


Todies inhabit primary (original) and secondary (vegetation has regrown after the original forest is cut down) tropical forests and woodlands, including dry lowlands, lush mountain rainforests, pine groves, streamside vegetation, pasture borders, limestone regions, cactus deserts, and shaded coffee plantations. Within these environments, their population is limited by the amount of vegetation, number of insects, and other requirements, especially good nesting locations. They occupy environments ranging from 160 feet (50 meters) below sea level to elevations above 9,800 feet (3,000 meters). They seek out brushy lands and forests with plenty of foliage (leaves, flowers, and branches), epiphytes (EPP-uh-fytes; plants that grow while attached to another plant, usually high in the air), and vines. They often are found along the edges of streams or rivers.

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