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Screamers: Anhimidae

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Screamers are found in South America, from Venezuela and Colombia to Uruguay and northern Argentina.

Screamers live in swamps, marshes, lagoons, and lakes as well as flood plains, meadows, and savannas (tropical or subtropical plant communities characterized by low trees and shrubs as well as grasses and herbs).

Screamers are vegetarian birds that feed on aquatic plants and seeds. They do not dive for food.

Though sometimes hunted for food, screamers are more likely to be captured and tamed. They adapt easily to captivity and can be kept with chickens. They walk around freely at South American parks and zoos.

The northern screamer is listed by the IUCN as Near Threatened, at risk of becoming threatened. Although it is not in immediate peril, its numbers have drastically fallen in recent years due to habitat destruction.

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