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Clawed Frogs and Surinam Toads: Pipidae - Clawed Frogs, Surinam Toads, And People

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People rarely see these frogs in the wild, but they are still very important creatures. Scientists have discovered some unusual chemicals in their skin that may be useful in treating illnesses or in preventing infections. One of these substances, first found in the skin of the common plantanna, is called magainin. Magainin is a piece of protein known as a peptide that fights both germs and fungi. Scientists have started to test this peptide and other compounds like it for use on such things as bandages to help cuts and other wounds heal faster. In addition, scientists use these frogs in the laboratory to study the development of their eggs. Common plantannas carry their see-through eggs on their backs, which provides a good view of the young as they grow and develop inside the egg.

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