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Tropicbirds: Phaethontidae

Physical Characteristics

Tropicbirds are medium-sized seabirds. The males and females look similar, with long tail streamers, webbed feet, a yellow or red bill that curves downward, and long, pointed wings. They are between 29 and 40 inches (74 and 100 centimeters) in length, with their long tails accounting for about half of that length. The wingspan of the tropicbirds is 37 to 44 inches (94 to 112 centimeters), and they weigh between 10.6 to 26.5 ounces (300 to 750 grams). Their feathers are mostly white, sometimes with a little pink, and they have black wing markings and black marks at the eyes. Red-billed tropicbirds and the young of all three species have speckled feathers on their backs.

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