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Pelicans and Other Fishing Birds: Pelecaniformes

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Since most of the birds in the Pelecaniformes order are seabirds, they can be found in oceans, at seashores, and on ocean islands all around the world. A few of the birds live inland near big lakes and rivers. Because they eat only water animals, none of them can live in dry areas. Most of the birds in this group prefer warm waters and avoid the coldest areas. But a few can be found in waters north of the Arctic Circle and in the oceans surrounding Antarctica.

Pelecaniformes depend on fish and other water animals for their food, therefore the habitats they prefer are oceans, seacoasts, rivers, and lakes. Gannets, boobies, tropicbirds, and frigatebirds fish in saltwater, while anhingas are more likely to find their food in freshwater. Some pelicans and cormorants are at home in saltwater, freshwater, and in tidal areas where the two kinds of water mix.

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