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Storm-Petrels: Hydrobatidae

Physical Characteristics

Storm-petrels are small seabirds that use their long legs to fend off the water as they snap up food from the surface. Like other procellariiforms (members of the order Procellariiformes), the storm-petrel has tubular nostrils that span almost half the length of the bill. The wings are rounded at the tip, and wing spans vary from about 12.6 inches to 22.4 inches (32 to 57 centimeters), depending on the species. They weigh from 0.7 ounces (20 grams) to 2.9 ounces (83 grams).

Their feathers are dark black or brown, and the storm-petrel's hind end is white. Tails are squared off at the end or forked, and all storm-petrels give off a musty smell characteristic of tubenoses. Females are larger than males.

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