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Tubenosed Seabirds: Procellariiformes


Larger seabirds such as the albatross eat mostly squid, though they snack on other seabirds and carrion, dead, rotting flesh, as well. They eat the carcasses of seals and whales while the smaller seabirds eat the leftover scraps. Only the larger seabirds look for food on land. All Procellariiformes take advantage of the behavior of whales, dolphins, sharks, and tuna. When these predators push schools of fish close to the surface in order to eat them, tubenosed seabirds dive down and snatch them from the water. These seabirds usually get their food from just below or on the surface of the water, though some of the species can dive more than 30 feet (10 meters) below the surface if necessary.

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