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False Blind Snakes: Anomochilidae


False blind snakes probably eat worms and insect larvae (LAR-vee), which may include grubs or caterpillars, but this is just a guess. No one has studied a live false blind snake. In addition, no researcher has found a dead one and opened up its stomach to see what it had been eating.


As humans build ships to travel to space or deep in the oceans, a wide variety of life forms go unnoticed beneath our feet. Many of the species that spend their lives out of view in underground tunnels or even just underneath piles of leaves are overlooked. The false blind snakes are a good example. Although they live over a large region in Indonesia, scientists have only found a few and have never studied a living specimen. The same holds true for many other underground species, which leaves wide open a huge area of study for future biologists.

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