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Mole-Limbed Wormlizards: Bipedidae

Physical Characteristics, Habitat, Diet, Behavior And Reproduction, Two-legged Wormlizard (bipes Biporus): Species AccountGEOGRAPHIC RANGE, MOLE-LIMBED WORMLIZARDS AND PEOPLE, CONSERVATION STATUS


The three species of mole-limbed wormlizard, or ajolote (ah-joe-LOW-tay) as they are often called, live in western Mexico. Depending on the species, they may make their homes in Baja California, Guerro, or Michoacán.

People rarely see these animals. Occasionally, a person may turn over a rock or log and see a mole-limbed wormlizard for a few seconds until it quickly slinks back into its tunnel and disappears. Although people rarely think about them, the wormlizards may be helpful to humans because they eat termites and other so-called pest animals.

Scientists still have much to learn about these animals; however, they are not now considered endangered or threatened.

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