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Tuco-Tucos: Ctenomyidae

Physical Characteristics

Tuco-tucos are small to medium-sized rodents with heavily built bodies, strong and large heads, and short, powerful legs. Their general appearance is that of the pocket gopher (Geomyidae), found in North America. The head and body length is 8.6 to 16.9 inches (22 to 53 centimeters) and they weigh from 3.5 ounces to 2.4 pounds (100 grams to 1.1 kilograms). Their skin is loose on their bodies, making it easier for them to turn around in their narrow burrows. They have tiny ears and short, stiff, hairless tails. The front paws of tuco-tucos are longer than the hind legs.

They have very distinct bright orange incisors, the two long, flat, sharp teeth at the front of the mouth, that are wide and powerful. Their fur is thick and long. It varies in color between species, including different shades of cream, red, brown, gray and black. The upper body fur is generally darker than the lower body fur.

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