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Pigs: Suidae

Physical Characteristics

Pigs are medium-sized mammals whose thick bodies weigh anywhere from 77 to 770 pounds (35 to 350 kilograms). Some domesticated, tamed, breeds weigh up to 990 pounds (450 kilograms). Pigs measure 34 to 83 inches (86 to 211 centimeters) in length and stand 21 to 43 inches (53 to 109 centimeters) high. The exception is the pygmy hog, which is the smallest species and never grows longer than 28 inches (71 centimeters).

The neck is short and the head is long and pointed. The snout is able to move separately from the head. The eyes are small, the ears are long, and each foot has four toes. The two middle toes are flattened and have hooves. The upper canines, cone-shaped teeth on each side of the front of the mouth, are big and curve upward, protruding from the mouth. Skin color varies, depending on the species, from brown to near black. Some species have manes or tufts of hair. Others have warts on the face.

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