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Ganges and Indus Dolphin: Platanistidae

Conservation Status

River dolphins are Endangered, facing a very high risk of extinction. There may be fewer than one thousand individuals remaining in the Indus River, while the outlook is equally grim in other river systems, including the Ganges River.

River dolphins are threatened mainly by human development. Dam building, begun in the 1920s, still continues today. Not only do dams isolate groups of dolphins, they interfere with migration and water flow. Heavy fishing, reducing water flow, and preventing flooding all decrease the population of fish that are the main source of food for these animals. In addition, pollution puts a strain on their health and may shorten their lives. Hunting and "accidental intentional" killing of dolphins in fishnets also are threats to their survival.

To combat the decline in population, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society recommends establishing protected habitats, training local people to manage river dolphins as a protected resource, educating the public to substitute other oils for dolphin oil, and enforcing protection laws already in existence.



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