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Tamarins Marmosets and Goeldi's Monkey: Callitrichidae

Physical Characteristics

Callitrichids (cal-ih-TRICK-ids; members of the family Callitrichidae) are among the smallest primates and include the world's smallest monkey, the pygmy marmoset. They have luxurious, silky fur that ranges from the brightly colored to the more subdued black or brownish black. Some species come in several color combinations. A shock of hair may be worn on top of the head, over the nape and shoulder, or as a beard. All have claws on fingers and toes, except for the big toes. The claws are useful for vertical clinging. Non-prehensile (nongrasping) tails are long, sometimes several inches longer than the body. Most callitrichids have scent glands in different areas of their bodies.

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