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Funnel-Eared Bats: Natalidae

Physical Characteristics

Funnel-eared bats get their name from the shape of their ears, which are large and formed like a funnel. They are small and slim with relatively long legs that can be longer than the head and body combined. Combined the head and body is approximately 2 inches (5 centimeters) long. Their wings are long and slender with a slender tail that is completely enclosed in a tail membrane. They also have small eyes.

Adult males have a large structure typically in the center of the forehead called the natalid (NAT-ah-lid) organ. The function of this is uncertain.

The fur of these bats is soft and long with color ranging from gray, yellowish, reddish, to deep chestnut. One species, the Mexican funnel-eared bat, has two color phases, or types: one in which fur is light, tan to pinkish light brown, and the other in which fur is darker, a yellowish or reddish brown. The belly is paler in both phases.

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