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New Zealand Short-Tailed Bats: Mystacinidae

Physical Characteristics

New Zealand short-tailed bats are small to medium-sized bats. Their head and body length ranges from 2.3 to 3.5 inches (5.8 to 8.9 centimeters). They can weigh from 0.4 to 1.2 ounces (11 to 35 grams). As their name suggests, these bats have a short tail. The nose or snout of New Zealand short-tailed bats is relatively long and it sticks out over the lips.

These bats have unique wing membranes, the thin pieces of skin that form their wings. The parts of the wing membranes that run along the body are thick and leathery. When not flying, these bats can fold their wings beneath this thick membrane part.

Fur color on these bats is typically brown-gray or brown-black, with the tips of the hairs being white to grayish. This gives the bat a frosted look. The fur is velvety, short, and thick. New Zealand short-tail bats have relatively large ears. These bats have thick bodies with short, strong legs. The claws on their feet are pointy and sharp. The thumbs have a large claw with a talon, a sharp hooked claw, at the end and each of the toe claws also has a talon.

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