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Gliding and Striped Possums: Petauridae

Gliding And Striped Possums And People

The sugar glider is becoming popular as an exotic pet. It is not clear whether these animals make appropriate pets and some countries have placed a ban on importing them from New Guinea. Beyond this species, there is no significant relationship between humans and the members of this family other than scientific study.


Animals produce odors for many different reasons. In some cases an animal uses odor as protection to ward off potential predators. They also use odor to attract potential mates. In other situations, animals use odors to let other animals know that a particular area is their territory. Gliding and striped possums use odors to mark territory for different reasons. While striped possums are most likely telling other striped possums to stay out of their area, gliding possums use odor to identify members of their group.

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