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Marsupial Mice and Tasmanian Devil Cats: Dasyuridae


What the members of this family eat depends on their size. The species that have smaller bodies, such as the marsupial mice, usually eat insects and sometimes catch and eat small animals such as lizards. These smaller animals will eat large animals only if they are already dead, in which case they will feed from the carcass. Larger species in this family eat mainly other vertebrates, or animals that have backbones, such as wallabies and birds. Species that eat mainly vertebrates will occasionally eat some insects and other invertebrates, animals without backbones, as well. Some species will even supplement their diet with food that does not come from other animals, such as flowers and fruit. All species in this family are scavengers when they get the chance. They will eat animals that are already dead, if they are available. Members of this family are usually nocturnal and hunt and are active mainly at night.

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