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Marsupial Mice and Tasmanian Devil Cats: Dasyuridae


Members of the family Dasyuridae live all over Australia, Tasmania, and New Guinea, and occupy all types of habitats. Some species live in trees, but most species are ground dwelling; some species prefer open grassland, and others prefer forests. Animals that have different habitats have different ways of finding or making dens and different ways of finding food.


Tasmanian devils have a reputation around the world for being vicious destroyers of property thanks to a Warner Brothers cartoon character named Taz. Taz, a Tasmanian devil, spins like a tornado destroying everything in his path. He stands on his hind legs and has teeth that can crush through anything. Although Tasmanian devils do have sharp teeth and very strong jaw muscles, they do not stand on their back legs alone. Tasmanian devils can be vicious when they feel threatened, but do not spin and certainly cannot destroy entire forests!

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