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Surfperches Cichlids and Relatives: Labroidei

Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse (labroides Dimidiatus): Species Accounts

Physical characteristics: Bluestreak cleaner wrasses are about 4½ inches (12 centimeters) long. Adults are mostly light blue. A long black stripe along each side of the body widens as it approaches the tail. The young are black with a blue stripe on the back.

Geographic range: Bluestreak cleaner wrasses live in the Indian and Pacific oceans.

Habitat: Bluestreak cleaner wrasses live on coral reefs.

Diet: Bluestreak cleaner wrasses eat what they find on other fishes.

Behavior and reproduction: Bluestreak cleaner wrasses clean other fishes. They sometimes lives in pairs but frequently live in groups of one male and six to ten females. If the male leaves the group, one of the females takes his place and in about two weeks starts functioning as a male.

Bluestreak cleaner wrasses clean other fishes. (Illustration by Joseph E. Trumpey. Reproduced by permission.)

Bluestreak cleaner wrasses and people: Bluestreak cleaner wrasses are common aquarium fish.

Conservation status: Bluestreak cleaner wrasses are not threatened or endangered. ∎

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